Steel Tub with SILICONE tubing (1200 ML), Catheter, Clamp & Nozzles -A complete home enema kit..Having realized the enormous benefits of enemas and colon cleaning for health and youthfulness.

Sold By : Arun Kumar
Minimum Order: 50
Maximum Order: UNLIMITED

Until some time ago, home enema kits were either very expensive; or then the cheap kits were of very poor quality making enemas difficult & messy.The ALISHA ENTERPRISES enema kits changed all that and are being patronized for several years.The Superior home enema kit is surprisingly affordable & specifically designed with extra care to make enema a delightful experience.Most importantly, the kit is latex-free as increasingly recommended to guard against growing incidences of allergies; and accompanied by detailed Enema Instructions, the first ever of its kind. It makes the whole process unbelievably EASY!