Zero deposit and security

Discounted Bills for Exporters

Our lending associates render the short-term term finance to Indian Exporters at zero collateral and security.

Export bill discounting is a global trade term and practice. Export bill discounting is intended to support businesses faster payment for the goods they have shipped to the buyer. Export bill discounting befalls when a business deals with a buyer for their goods on credit. In international trade, this can be called a letter of credit, and a third-party financing company applies this agreement to determine the export bill discount amount.

When a business and a buyer consent to the terms of an export contract, their particular financial mediators issue the proper payments when the contract requirements are met. This means initial payment for the exporter issued by their financial delegate, who then collects payment from the buyer’s bank at a succeeding date based on the agreed-upon payment terms. A business is, therefore, entirely able to settle with a buyer and promote the payment process through export bill discounting. With this agreement, the financial agents of the export business and the buyer work together.

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Zero deposit and security
Credit limit as per exporter demand
80 % bill in the front, quickly after the specific goods get dispatched.
Competing rates (0.7 – 0.9% per month)
Quick approval, least paperwork, convenient.